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"I have had severe migraine headaches since Sept 2014, have seen primary doctor, neurologist, etc. Have been given at least 20 different medications. My last resort was a chiropractor to see if they could relieve some of the pressure in my neck. My insurance company actually recommended A & M Chiropractic in Cromwell. They were wonderful the first step in the door, did tests NO other doctor did (ex: stethoscope to my eyeball)!! Few treatments so far but magically the migraines are GONE and I have been off medication for maybe a month now. They are very caring and do their research if you have a question and really guide you along with how the process works. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!!"

- Debra S.

"I broke my toe on the job and began to get sciatic nerve pain due to the limping. I was referred to A&M Chiropractic by a friend and co-worker and I cannot say enough good things about this place! The entire staff is professional, courteous, and compassionate. I've had a speedy recovery from the sciatic nerve pain as well as a couple other adjustments and I have to say, I feel like a million bucks walking out of there!! I will highly recommend A&M Chiropractic to anyone and will continue to use them in the future. A+++++++ Thank you Dr. Maciek and staff."

- Matt Cromwell, CT

"Thank you for your excellent services. I have been to several chiropractors, over the years, and have never been to Dr's. that have more compassion, and concern, for the welfare and health of their patients. The visits are more like a friendly gathering than a Dr.'s visit. Your staff is also excellent, and charming. Once again, thank you for your healing practice."

- L.G. Cromwell, CT

"I have been having some health issues for quite some times now. Disappointed with most of the MDs and their approach, I ended up seeing Dr Anita and Dr Maciek Kolodziejczak. After just first visit I have noticed, that they are good people and good doctors. I was very impressed with the way they treated me as a patient and the human being - they won me over with it. So far none of the previous doctors gave me so much time and attention. I left their office full of optimism. Looking back their unconventional ways of treatment happened to be successful which I am very grateful for. Nice and very kind people I would recommend to everybody.My elderly parents, who also are patients at A&M Chiropractic, LLC share the same opinion. They feel younger and stronger now."

- Malgosia, North Branford, CT

"I would like to thank A&M Chiropractic, LLC for wonderful treatment they offered me. For years I suffered from chronic lower back pain, but thanks to Dr. Anita and Dr. Maciek Kolodziejczak I am now pain free. Not only, they helped me with pain but showed me how a caring practitioner acts: hearing my complaints, concerned for my wellbeing, and always attentive to my needs. Thank you!"

- L.S. Glastonbury, CT

"At the suggestion of Dr. Anita Kolodziejczak, I purchased a pair of Ultra Softhotics (orthotics) for my shoes. I was experiencing neuropathy in my feet and violent leg pains that woke me from a sound sleep. After wearing the inserts for one week, I experienced a diminishing of the neuropathy and the leg pains completely subsided. I would recommend others trying the Ultra Softhotic inserts for similar relief."

- N.D. (West Hartford)

"Dr. Maciek & Dr. Anita, I wanted to update you about my back pain - yes, it was a gallstone!!!! I tell everybody that you kept telling me it could be a gallstone and Dr. Anita said that something was up with my gallbladder and liver after she did her nutrition testing and counseling. [Although X-ray you ordered did not show anything] an ultrasound did and sure enough I have a 1.6cm gallstone...I changed my diet and the pain has been gone...I will need to get my gallbladder out though but I have lost quite a bit of weight so I haven't been in a hurry to have surgery and have been so happy to be pain free! Just wanted to let you know you were diagnosing me correctly...keep up the good work!!!"

- R.H. Middletown, CT

"I attended A&M Chiropractic for the treatment of arm and neck pain. I had incurred this problem from a horse fall and was sent to Physical therapy over a year ago and was in constant discomfort. This did not help and I was now concerned that I would have to face surgery.

I had never had chiropractic treatment before and did not know what to expect. The results from this treatment is that I no longer have any pain in my arm and only minimal discomfort in my neck. I am no longer thinking about surgery and have renewed my hobby of golf. I have only been seeing Dr. Maciek and his staff for several months but I would recommend their treatment to anyone."

- Kerry H. Portland, CT

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